The Violin: Idiosyncrasies of a Perfect Creation - a documentary
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Data publikacji / 2021-04-28

'Violinmaking is a very peculiar field of art. Instruments made by an artist have this Extra Something... something that musicians feel and understand, and we, ordinary man, sometimes discover when we look at, or listen to violins at concerts. Furthermore, the violin has something more intrinsically individual, for there are instruments that have attained a perfection of sound, that are unique, and no other instrument can be made to sound or look like them; instruments that in the hands of a violinist respond with beautiful music right here, right now. Thus, there exists the "Stradivarius", the model of violin perfection, and for centuries violinmakers have been trying to emulate its idiosyncrasies.

And so, the violin is a perfect creation. It is a sculpture, it is knowledge - both this scientific, and this esoteric - it is intellectual intuition, filling matter with spirit, and perhaps something else... something we jointly discover when we listen to the violin play.' - Janusz Sidor

Screenplay and direction: Janusz Sidor
Shooting: Mirosław Basaj
Sound: Maciej Woronowicz
Film editing: Mateusz Rogala
Producer: Alina Mackiewicz
Translator: Waldemar Łyś
Production: SIDMA Alina Mackiewicz (2011)

The film features: Andrzej Wituski - Director of the International Henryk Wieniawski Competitions, prof. Andrzej Łapa - vice-rector of the I.J. Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań, Tadeusz Słodyczka - violin maker, Benedykt Niewczyk - violin maker, members of the jury of the 12th International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Making Competition: Roger Hargrave - chairman of the jury, prof. Roman Lasocki, Patrick Robin, Wojciech Łukasz, Jan Spidlen and Joseph Grubaugh.